Tried and Tested Ideas to Motivate Your Employees and Have them Working Extra Hard

Recent statistics released reveal that over 70% of the working class population in America today is not motivated.  The lost productivity is without a shadow of a doubt costing employers hundreds of billions every year.  As such, you might want to start thinking of how you are going to maintain a motivated workforce if you don't want to be part of the statistics that account for low productivity losses, now do you?  Luckily, employee motivation doesn't have to be difficult or expensive; simple measures can do.   Continue reading to discover more info. on measures you can put in place to motivate and encourage your employees.

You have to open channels of communication by organizing special lunches where the employees get to interact with the top executives of your company freely.   No doubt it may not be practical if you were to hold luncheons for all employees every month.  However, you can have the lunch planned on the periodic basis only for those employees that have performed exemplary within that past one month.   As a result, your workforce would be motivated to keep on working hard so they can qualify for the upcoming luncheon with the management.

The other tried and tested way would be to search for those employees that have performed exemplary in their duty.  Once you identify them, your next step would be to take the time to create a thank you note that appreciates their efforts.  Of course, there are so many channels of communication that are much more effective than writing personalized notes.   No doubt it is the thought that goes into writing the personalized thank you note that counts when it comes to showing appreciation for exemplary service.

The third tried and tested way to keep a motivated workforce is to hand out a pair of tickets to their favorite movie. No doubt most people will enjoy taking a break from the norm by going to the movies.   Sadly, very many people have crazy deadlines to meet, not to mention the fact movie dates can be an expensive affair to many.   You don't have just to hand your employees movie tickets to show your appreciation.  You can allow them to leave early on the days they go to the movie, giving them enough time to relax and prepare for their movie date.   It is without a shadow of a doubt such a break will be highly welcomed. Simply put, there are so many incentives that can help you motivate your employees to continue working extra hard in their day to day activities. Just click for more details!